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Twellow Pulse: Real-Time Category Tracking

Twellow Pulse

Since the creation of our “What are people saying?” feature on Twellow we’ve thought it’d be a great idea if our users could consolidate what people are saying about their favorite categories all in one place. With this in mind we’ve gone ahead and created a new service on Twellow called Twellow Pulse.

What exactly is Twellow Pulse? It’s a simple subscription page on Twellow where users can select up to twenty categories from Twellow and track what people are saying about each, all in one place. By allowing users to place all of their favorites on one page we’ve greatly simplified the ability for our patrons to follow conversations that matter right now, right here on Twellow. No more jumping between multiple pages or opening multiple tabs in your browser to have all the chatter that interests you accessible. Simply login to your Twellow account, go to the Twellow Pulse page, and start adding topics that you want to follow.

Pulse Sample

We’ve tweaked the initial setup of Twellow Pulse so any categories you currently belong to will be automatically added to your Pulse page on your first visit. You can easily modify your Pulse by adding or removing categories via the simple tools on the page. If you don’t initially belong to any categories on Twellow then just go ahead and add the ones you want.

Twellow Pulse tracks your Pulse categories of interest separately from the categories you belong to, so even if you have nothing to do with, say NASA, you can still track NASA chatter with Twellow Pulse.

And because we know a lot of people like to read their late-breaking updates in an RSS reader or other application, we’ve added RSS links to each Twellow Pulse. This way you can get your Pulse updates however you choose.

So give it a try. We’re sure Twellow Pulse will be a worthwhile addition to the social-networking tool kits of a lot of people.


Matthew Daines
Twellow Lead Developer

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