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Connect With Your “TwellowHood”

TwellowHood StickerOne of the great things about Twellow is it allows you to find people with similar interests who you can follow and interact with. One of the other great things about Twellow is it allows you to find people in certain locations. We’ve taken the second great thing and made it even better…

Introducing TwellowHood!

TwellowHood is a brand-new feature for Twellow that allows you to “Connect with your TwellowHood“. TwellowHood gives you a map that you can use to find local people. By simply clicking on the TwellowHood map, you can “drill-down” into a list of cities and towns in your area that have other Twellow users in them. Want to see how many people say they are in your city? TwellowHood can help.

How Does It Work?

To use TwellowHood go to the main TwellowHood map at This will display a map of the United States (for people outside of the U.S., other countries are coming soon so keep watching this blog. We haven’t forgotten you!). By placing your mouse over any particular state you’ll see the state name and a count of the users we’ve positively identified as being in that state. Clicking the state will zoom in to show you the top-ten cities for the state on the map, as well as a list of all cities that have users in them. The list of cities can be sorted by the number of people or alphabetically.

TwellowHood KY MapOnce you’re down to this level you can then click on either the map icons or the city name in the list to go to a page listing each user found. Here you can view and choose the people you want to follow, just as you can in our category listings on Twellow. The map can also be dragged and zoomed so you can see the top-ten cities better, or to make it easier to see smaller states and Washington D.C.

A Worldwide Affair

As I mentioned earlier the map is currently only for the United States. We are well aware that Twitter and social-media are a worldwide affair, so we are actively working to add other countries. We’ll keep you posted as these come online.

In addition to international maps we’re also going to be tweaking and adding more features that will make the TwellowHood feature even better, so be sure to keep your eye on the Twellow blog, and follow our Twitter update users at @twellowup.

It’s our goal here at Twellow to help you find people who matter, and thousands of people are using Twellow to do just that. TwellowHood further enhances your ability to find those people on a local level, and we’ll continue to work hard to help you “Connect with your TwellowHood“!

Matthew Daines
Twellow Lead Developer

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11 Responses to “Connect With Your “TwellowHood””

  1. Matthew Hunt Says:

    Matthew Daines,

    Thanks for posting the post the other day on my video, much appreciated! I really do think twellow has some really great features. I love the new twellowhood too, but what about Canada…? Why do us Canadians always get left out…? :)


  2. Matthew Daines Says:

    Hi Matthew,

    We’re working on Canada for TwellowHood as I type this and will have something for our Canadian users online soon. Enjoy!

    – Matthew Daines

  3. Shameka Says:

    This site is effing awesome!

  4. Mike Wilton Says:

    Keep up the great work Twellow, I love what you guys are doing. My one recommendation for TwellowHood would be the ability to list cities in a state by alphabetical order and not by the number of users. Would be a lot easier to follow. :D

  5. Matthew Daines Says:

    Thanks, Mike. TwellowHood actually already allows you to sort the cities alphabetically. Just click the red “View all cities alphabetically” link directly above the list of cities. Glad you are finding it useful!

  6. Jayesh Says:

    Great post. I will definitely post this on my website.

  7. Nayan Says:

    Great post.I think TwellowHood is the future on the net.

  8. ccwc Says:

    twellow, thank you for the great service. my target market is california only. when i go to larger cities, i am only able to access the top one thousand listings. is there a tool to drill deeper into the database?

    i hope this is not a dumb question.

    thanks again,

  9. Matthew Daines Says:


    Our Twellowhood system is currently limited to the first 1,000 results, similar to how Google limits results returned to 1,000 even though there may be more which actually match. I can see this is not the best solution for Twellowhood, so we’ll add this to our list of items to look into altering in a future version of the site.

  10. Bill Flint Says:

    Outstanding………Something NEW again with the TWITTERS!!
    Everyday / Now………GREAT

  11. Alf Says:

    Realy Awesome! Only thing I can’t find is a “Tweet This Site” button?

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