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Twellow’s Advanced Search Tips

A few weeks back Greg Lambert of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog wrote a post about the “secret” search functions available on Twellow. We’ve been pretty busy around here, and somehow overlooked making these powerful functions public.

Search Tips

So, just what are these search features, and how can you use them to make your Twellow searching even more powerful? The features are simply advanced search “operators” commonly used in many search engines. These include the following:

  • & (the ampersand)
  • | (the “pipe” character)
  • ” “ (enclosing your search terms in double quotes)
  • - (a negative symbol)
  • () (enclosing terms in parenthesis for grouping)

By using these characters in your search you can narrow your search down or broaden it to include people you might not otherwise find in a simple search. For example, if you want to find all people on Twellow that identify themselves as having something to do with dogs OR cats in New York, try this:

(dog | cat) (“new york” | nyc)

To read more about how to use these special characters in your searches, and for examples of how they can assist in finding who you’re looking for, visit our Search Tips page. Thanks, Greg, for making your readers aware of these features!

Matthew Daines
Twellow Lead Developer

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2 Responses to “Twellow’s Advanced Search Tips”

  1. Ron Outlaw Says:

    How do you create the | (the “pipe” character)
    I do not see this on my key board.

    Please advise

  2. Matthew Daines Says:


    The pipe character can be found on most standard US English keyboards just above the "\" character. On my keyboard it is just above the Enter key. This is on a PC. I’m not sure about other platforms, but this Google search may help.

    Matthew Daines

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