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Twellow Enhanced Logins: Following Made Easy

As Twellow has progressed one of it’s most valuable features is it assists in finding folks on Twitter whom our users want to be following. Up until now however it’s been a pretty slow process once a desired contact is found. Our users have had to click through to a user’s Twitter page and then submit the follow request from there. That’s all changed now.

A simple yet powerful new feature for Twellow allows following of people directly from the Twellow interface. While this is not an overly complicated feature, it should help make Twellow a bit more convenient to use. When a Twellow user chooses the “Enhanced” feature at login time our system will enable special Follow buttons under each user’s profile image. This button allows the user to either follow or remove a following as they see fit.

In order to take advantage of the new feature, a user must select the “Enhanced” option at login. This will enable the Twellow system to act on behalf of the user while interacting with their following list on Twitter. Twellow will temporarily keep a copy of the user’s password on our server in order to authenticate and adjust the following preferences as determined by the user. Once a user is finished and logs off, their password is discarded by Twellow. It is not stored anywhere in permanent memory on Twellow servers.

A user can determine if they are logged in with enhanced mode by the notice at the top-right of each page. If it is found that enhanced mode isn’t available, a simple logout and re-login will enable the feature. Just make sure the “Enhanced Features” option is checked when logging in.

Please note that there are limits on the number of follow and un-follow requests a user can make in an hour, so please use the feature judiciously. These limits are put in place by Twitter to ease the burden on their servers.

This new enhancement of Twellow should make using the service a lot easier, and a lot more fun. Look for additional usefulness to come as we expand the options in the future.


Matthew Daines
Twellow Lead Developer

Post Update: As of March 16, 2009, and due to user feedback we’ve made the Enhanced Features the default for Twellow logins.

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5 Responses to “Twellow Enhanced Logins: Following Made Easy”

  1. Winthrop Mann Says:

    I havn’t found my web name so I can’t sign in anywhere.
    What is my sign in website name, pleaes.

  2. Winthrop Mann Says:

    I don’t know my website name.
    Please let me know.

  3. Matthew Daines Says:

    Your website name is the same as your Twitter user name. If you can’t find your Twitter user name on Twellow, please go to the “Get Listed” page on Twellow and follow the instructions to have yourself added.

    Matthew Daines
    Twellow Lead Developer

  4. John Sebastian Says:

    Does the fact that enhanced login is now the default mean that we cannot change the follow back/not follow back icon??

    John Sebastian III

  5. Matthew Daines Says:

    Hi John,

    A lot of things have changed since this post was written, but the enhanced login being the default means you have more control over your followings. You can follow and un-follow profiles directly from Twellow if you are logged in. Whether a person follows you is up to him or her, but you fully control who you follow. The following status icon will reflect your status in relation to each profile.

    Matthew Daines
    Twellow Lead Developer

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