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Twellow Friends And Followers Searching

One of the things we often read people commenting on is the difficulty in managing followers and followings for Twitter. Twellow has introduced a few new features that will help in sifting through your followers and those whom you follow. And we’ve also added a slight change to our interface to make finding our most used Twellow features easier.


search_social_graphWith the introduction of Twellow’s new Friends and Followers features you can now view your current “social graph” of profiles that you are tracking via the familiar Twellow profile lists. When logged in using Twellow’s “Enhanced Login“, the new Friends and Followers tabs will become active. These new features will list out those whom you follow, and those who are following you. You’ll also be able to quickly see if you are following each person and/or if they are following you by the following status icons.

Also activated is a new search feature that allows you to search only within your friends and followers. So, if you’ve got some followers amassed, but want to see only those who are in your home state, you can now search them out using Twellow!


You can now access these new features from any page on the site via the new Twellow tabs interface update. As you can see from the screenshots above, we’ve placed these tabs on every page to make accessing the Search, Pulse, Categories, TwellowHood, Friends, Followers, and My Profile easier.

As your Twitter social graph grows, having the tools to help manage your network becomes more important. We hope these new features from Twellow will help make your life just that much easier. After all, making life easier is why we do the things we do here at Twellow!


Matthew Daines
Twellow Lead Developer

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5 Responses to “Twellow Friends And Followers Searching”

  1. Bar Stool Boy Says:

    This looks like a cool feature. I don’t have enough followers quite yet, but when I do.

  2. Jeremy Jacobs Says:

    Twellow seems easy to use. I’ve no doubt it’ll be a great success.

  3. lokesh Says:

    No doubt it is good website and with its name it is fine one, but some problem in look and feel.

  4. Atul Says:

    Twellow wish u a success ahead…

  5. Says:

    Yes its really a cool place to work around

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